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Church-Centric Bible Translation

The expansion of the church into previously unreached people groups has created an exploding demand for Bible translation. In response, local churches are beginning to take responsibility for their own translation needs—a global movement of Church-Centric Bible Translation (CCBT).

Imagine a world where...

...the church owns the vision for the translation of the Bible into their own languages as an essential part of making disciples and establishing the church in every people group.

...mature, godly leaders of the church in thousands of languages work together to produce trustworthy Bible translations that are trusted and actively used by the church—and where the churches are able to maintain the excellence of those translations over time.

...leaders of the church are able to use their Bible translations to create faithful biblical resources that are effective in their own cultures and languages, employing formats and technologies that make them immediately useful and unlimited in their impact.

...the number of people directly involved in the Bible translation and theological formation task is 1,000x greater than it is today.

This is the vision of CCBT!

Church-Centric Bible Translation is a paradigm of Bible translation focused on the establishing and strengthening of the church using a translation process that is led by leaders of the church and done by believers translating into their own language, as an integral part of their theological and spiritual formation.

How is CCBT different?

CCBT focuses on fully equipping the church. The essential objective of CCBT is equipping the church to produce, actively use, and maintain quality-assured Bible translations over time—and also to equip others to do the same. The acceleration of the translation work itself is a common outcome, though not the primary objective.

CCBT increases the church's capacity for achieving excellence in Bible translation in an iterative process over time. The integration of translation resources and training with the theological formation of the church increases the church's capacity to confirm the trustworthiness of their translations for themselves, rather than looking to others to check their work for them.

CCBT provides the church with unhindered freedom to use best-in class biblical resources and technology to create, check, and publish their translations. CCBT overcomes the licensing obstacle by open-licensing everything that the global church needs (e.g., content, tools, and training). It overcomes the language obstacle by providing the open-licensed resources in all the Gateway Languages so that the church in every language can use the resources through a major language they understand.

Get Equipped!

Resourcing the massive workforce of the global church to translate the Bible into their own languages is a cost-effective means of accelerating the completion of quality Bible translations in every language and strengthening the church in every people group.

A full library of open-licensed training materials is being developed at

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